Donate to the Speakeasy

As we celebrate our 25th year, we're appealing for 50 new donors to help kickstart us towards our 50th birthday.

We're looking for 25 people to donate a one-off gift of £25, and 25 people to give 25p a day as a regular donation.


A gift of £25 pays for one of our clients to receive an hour of expert legal advice.

(And just so you know we're giving you good value for money, the average high-street law firm would charge around £300.)


A regular gift equal to 25p per day helps us to plan our future projects and services, confident that we have the core funding we need to meet the needs of our clients.


If you're in a position to help and would like to support what we do, please consider becoming a regular supporter or making a one-off donation.

Thank you.